To be safe subject
I must be

Moon-magic, must
Call up usual saints

Still fire-crisped, must
Remake the made-up

Goddess, must give in
To being body

That has birthed a secret
That will birth a secret

That is self-secreted
Or something, must

Cull a planet, string
Horoscopes to speculate

On the divine, must
Bathe fruit-juiced,

Root down, reflect
A riverbed, must

Mention witchcraft
Or better become witched

Because only good
Sorcery gives me poem-

Place if I won’t lie down
In some man’s poem

If I won’t lie down
For a man






He said put it on your tongue
and it will melt and you will melt
and everything       so I opened

my mouth. There were men
painted into long   white
robes on the walls. Caroline opened

her mouth first to show
the way a thing could be
opened               red tongue loose

like music and her teeth. Man
pulled plastic bag from front
pocket       scuffed jean. I opened

my mouth. Men on walls
were dressed in long     white robes.
Caroline opened her mouth

because anything could be opened.
There was no taste to it.   To be safe
I pulled paintings from walls.

Daisy had long arms     so I poured him
a drink. It was possible he had forgotten

how to speak. He never warned
me     I was growing a sunburn
the shape of Nevada

when you’re lost in Nevada. I poured him
a drink. To be safe
Daisy pulled paintings from walls.

He put drugs in with needle. It was possible
he had forgotten entirely
how to speak.

Threat of different tongue   I tried to say
my body       the shape of Nevada
when you’re lost in Nevada. Caroline opened

her mouth and a sunburn came out of it.
To be safe she pulled down paintings
from walls. To be safe

she pulled down all the men.
I found Daisy           poured him
a drink.

It was a painting without men.
Daisy had finished all the drinks. He was quiet
enough to have come

from a painting. He put drugs in
with a needle              he was all the time
forgetting how

to speak. Caroline opened
her mouth the way anything could be
opened:                        there was all of Nevada.

To be safe     I put us inside
of a painting. To be safe   I gave us
very long arms.





KAT DIXON is the author of two full-length poetry collections, TEMPORARY YES (Artistically Declined Press, 2012) and BLACK RACKET OCEAN (89Plus/LUMA Publications, 2014), and the novella HERE/OTHER (Artistically Declined Press, 2014). Her most recent work, GIRL IN POEM, a hybrid collection, is forthcoming. She lives in Seoul and online at



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