the had to to with the
but had no
nor did it to its.
But it have used the
to and its (A the had.)

the, was its.
the of the fall, it but
half that: for it hand on hand.
But that was more
than to a. Even its,
the it was to pay down its loan
and of the cap on the it pay its.

is no that was with.


knows. scrapping since homeless. sturdy meticulous dresser, dandily matching pocket square. broad,
strikingly unlined, large pressed tight, swirling, black. Returning office, settles chair, center, surrounded;
former assemblyman; grandson smashing dinosaurs together; funeral uncle; political billionaire, helped
engineer leadership, remains large sausage pizza. stares screen, waiting appear. secretary bursts hands
advance proclamation issue; calls special session tomorrow lists bills governor wants considered.

























PAUL BELBUSTI is a musician, poet, and visual artist from Connecticut. He writes, records, and performs music under the moniker “Mercy Choir” and has released dozens of albums and EPs under that name since 2005. His writing and visual art has appeared in various print and electronic journals, including Wobbling Roof Magazine, the multimedia webzine of which he is the editor and curator. His chapbook Lucy will be published by Good Cop/Bad Cop Press in 2015.




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