Twenty-four hours have passed
The streets dressed for peace on earth
And stars in the streetlamp halos
The green bedside fireflies
Swimming black boxes
Guards and welders
Smiths and Meadmores
Snaking hulks of summer fur
Oiling cormorant eggs offshore
The dream house babies
Drink in from
Vessels of accumulation
And stars in the red suns shadow
They’re telling us
What the sweethearts already know
We’re all going to die
Inside this dream




ADAM TEDESCO has worked as a shipbuilder, a meditation instructor, a telephone technician and as cultural critic for the now disbanded Maoist Internationalist Movement. He is a contributing editor for the literary journal Drunk In A Midnight Choir. His recent work has appeared, or is forthcoming in Be About It, pioneertown,  Revolution John, Cosmonauts Avenue, Zoomoozophone Review, and Again I Wait For This To Pull Apart, an anthology from FreezeRay Press. He lives in Albany, New York,  where he prays to rabbits with his wife and children. He tweets @Adamthomasted. More of his work can be found at





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