autoluxe termination sequence


pain’s a learned pattern
that cakes itself into
the face’s cartography
it’s how to know people by their hands
how they palm the ruin
but it’s deeper than derma
the right lie thrown in for mouthfeel
because needs have needs
even butterflies have disgusting truths they tendril
bloodshit tears & offer the rot as mating gift
nest inside what you’re afraid of
slice it open & make
your home there
this is not a bill
no action is required on your part




Carleen Tibbetts is the author of the chapbooks a starving music will come to eat the body (FiveQuarterly, 2014) and to exosk(elle), the last sugar (Zoo Cake Press, 2015). Recent work appears or is forthcoming in Cloud Rodeo, Powderkeg, Nightblock, Forklift Ohio, The Journal Petra, glitterMOB, TYPO, Souvenir, Small Po[r]tions, and The Laurel Review.


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