Acta Diurna is a series of sentences from newspapers, a daybook compressed, a little treasury of false chatter, a magpie, gazetta or farthing coin, a spectator, countable rags, forecasts carved in metal and stone, a folio of folly handwritten on silk, a list, a metonymical post and a global body of text.



Whether it is really possible to manage a catastrophe with impassive language.

In the storm scene, when the lake bursts.

Idea of rebirth.

Floods the whole stage.

One possibility is that the extra copies actually cause cells to commit suicide.

Winds roar and cities flood, or people cough and die.

How well can you actually have nothing on your mind?

You feel no gravity.  Einstein’s “happiest thought.”

Nursery rhymes wore out quickly.

Shaking causes rock and clay to behave like liquids.

A long colorful inconsistent parade of blame and acclaim.

You were reduced to ash.

I myself have never seen a sage grouse but I am married to a man who has.

She rarely walks very far without someone lending a hand and entering into what she calls
“the space of performance.”

Often-maligned insects are masters of social organization, putting humans to shame.

Now polluted with cadmium and lead.

In cages with pockets of darkness and light.

Bumblebees don’t have car keys.

You have tickets to one of the following performances.

Dramatic silhouettes, dark colors, floral appliqués.

Found in people’s mouths.

Prison nurseries.

Celestial shows will be visible by simply looking toward the sky.

A shout up the dumbwaiter would bring food up by pulley.

Relying on butterfly wings to survive.

Drunken monkey hypothesis.

The practical implications of these results are somewhat limited, of course because they
involve mice, not people.

No one was injured as a result of her poor decision.

For example, when a blue-square touches a pink square.

Days to assemble. Months to embroider.

Leave a detectable trace in the air around us.

I often find myself trying to reorganize him into a more familiar form.

Bandit masks and thick, rich fur.

So the subtle upshot of the study may be that we should run.  And if we don’t feel a high,
perhaps try running more.



Laynie Browne’s most recent collections are P R A C T I C E (SplitLevel, 2015),  Scorpyn Odes (Kore Press, 2015) and Lost Parkour Ps(alms) in two editions, one in English, and another in French, from Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havré (2014).




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