Los cien caballos del rey


one hundred kinds kings laminated
waist paper to pressboard fine
bruises petra missed and petals in
wakes of sleepwalking under yes eyes him
a wealth capillaries apply
pressure he seeps in customary brilliance
scarlet vermission remiss sorrow

for farmland rows of thighbones
ancestors sing under pale misses
to stickfigure drawings sun and rags
how much for that map sister
mete out glass beads for barter
put on your big boy

pants fall in by way of sideshow
charade to crackers dubious medicines
fish change hands into
coins themselves the rumor
of a sunset whispers on horizons

noblest 100 steeds stampede and fail to find

and give me four quarters cottages
permission for rent mural porcelain pobrecito
fletch an arrow for roseycheeks over there missus

your virgins could make cheese
grow old





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