as to the spiritual, I took it entirely under my own direction, under no
apprehensions, under a sickly sensibility, under any uneasiness, under the clock at St.
Dunstan’s, under no uneasiness about that, under their hams, under the deal box,
under no uneasiness at all, under pretense, under the canopy of heaven, under the
character of companions, under the sanction, under the obligation, under my own
instructions, under turnkey, under the government, under a strange mistake, under
great injuries, under no uneasiness about that, above this world, under the sun





Nicholas D. Nace is the editor of two volumes of essays on the art of reading: Shakespeare Up Close (2012) and The Fate of Difficulty (forthcoming). He has written for The Burlington MagazineThe Book Collector, and other journals. His poems are forthcoming from FenceMaggy, and the Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review.



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