The Mental Hospital


makes of her an actress: in a single day she looks
like someone who has mastered the director’s scenes.
Some require moving from med window to breakfast line
to group. Others, more nuanced, the half smile upturned face
to request novels from the obese nurse, flat eyes direct across
steel desk at white coat can’t be sure, but likely…desperate visiting
hour smile for her mother—she has become a connoisseur of smiles—then
the covert whispers with David from 003 about
                                                                                          time collapsing, past rewritten
                                                                                          yesterday, universe, 2 hours,
                                                                                          battle, stars rushing at each other,
                                                                                          prairie wildflower faces turn
                                                                                          toward us, scream, rip the earth
                                                                                          upward, birds dart, dip,
                                                                                          whistle like a black ballet,
                                                                                          shoes, strapped to the bed, singing,
                                                                                          singing, echolocation for staying,
                                                                                          staying, drink water, eat apples,
apples in caramel. Apples sliced and baked. Apple sauce. Red delicious. Apple tree.
Feed the birds, but let them chose what to eat. Nests.
Cup. Small white paper cups. Each one of us
is mad if you could just
get rid of your self.





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