we dig

3-5 poems attached in one file or 1 article of fiction, creative nonfiction or essay 1,500 words or less. Yes, we do accept artwork in the form of paintings/drawings/graphic art/collage and visual poetry/erasures. Please attach up to five images no greater than 3MB per file. We look for work that refuses to hold our hands and allows us to get lost in the forest for a while. The forest can be dank and dark, lined with tufts of cotton candy, or brimming with echoes of voicemail messages. It’s up to you. We define “experimental” loosely.

Reviews of books or chapbooks by previous and forthcoming contributors are always welcome here.

We read year-round and aim to respond within three months. And since we’re a small operation, we ask that you limit your submissions to twice per year unless invited to send more. Previous contributors are welcome to send new work our way, too, at least one year after their initial publication in Pith.


 you dig? Awesome. Send your stuff to pithjournal@gmail.com.




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